#Sunkissed: Sunlight as Our Skin’s Natural Pal

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Here comes Mx. Sun!

Have you ever heard of the word sun-kissed? Aside from the fact that it is rooted from the sun itself, it is indeed interesting that there is more to the narrative. With all the advancements around us, we also derive new slang definitions from the existing ones. 

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, it has two primary definitions: being abundant with sun and the beautiful exposure of skin to sunlight. Meanwhile, did you know that the sun is the most colossal matter in our solar system, as articulated by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Relevant to its size, this is also how immense its benefits are! There is something exceptional that makes us love it a lot. Aside from its duty to contribute to various scientific processes like photosynthesis, we also get to experience its contribution to our lives. 

No doubt: it really is bright, beaming, and beautiful.

Sun-kissed Morena on Duty

Looking through another relevant perspective, this is what we often call our photos with evident contribution of such an alluring radiance. Thanks to Mx. Sun, we no longer need camera flash or any other artificial lighting whenever we take photos.

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Given my cheerful giggles and my favorite What Flaws? t-shirt above, you can really see nothing but my fondness of Mx. Sun.

Personally, I have been a long-time suki of being a pretty, sun-kissed morena. Every time I perceive sunlight on my way, my loved ones automatically know what I will do next. It is either I ask them to take pictures of me or take selfies as an alternative. 

Whenever I am #sunkissed, I feel like my skin color is declaring its beauty to the public. I feel like the morena woman whom some people called maitim and ‘di kita sa dilim is all shining like a diamond, all thanks to sunlight.

Even if I am shy to admit it, I will say it either way: being sun-kissed in photos is my all-time favorite now. The enormous question mark is, why do I love being under Mx. Sun’s magic? 

As much as we love sunlight as our natural lighting for morena/moreno flaunting moments, did you know that it also benefits our skin? Here’s how and why. 

Our Natural Pal…with Moderation

Do you remember one of the most remarkable winning answers of our very own Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray during the Q&A portion? She once told us, “Well everything is good but in moderation.” when she was asked about marijuana legalization. 

With moderation, the sun and our skin are best friends, too!

It is truly good news that we also receive certain vitamins such as Vitamin D, as we become exposed to promptly modest amount of sunlight. In a health-allied article entitled Could Some Sun Be Good for Your Skin? written by Salynn Boyles, it was stated that it stimulates Vit. D in human bodies. 

It is highly advantageous, most especially for our respective protection. To be more specific, Megan Ware told us in her article, What are the health benefits of vitamin D? that Vit. D uplifts healthy bones, teeth, lungs, brain, heart,  immune system, and more to mention. 

If we utilize Mx. Sun moderately, did you know that it helps our wounds to naturally heal in time? According to a medical article entitled What Are the Benefits of Sunlight? by Rachel Nall, it also contributes to one’s skin condition treatment. Some of its examples are eczema and psoriasis. Surprisingly, a pinch of sunlight acts as a contributing factor in treating certain skin problems. 

Lastly, proper sunlight can root to a better, more glowing skin. As it brings us benefits in our inner bodies, it is strongly undeniable that it also shows outside. To support this, Julia Malacoff wrote that it enhances cardiovascular health and sinks blood pressure–all rooting to a skin glow. 

Reminder from a #SunkissedMorena

Even in the midst of our sun-kissed enjoyment, it is important that we remember how to use sunlight in moderation and to spread some sunscreen. With our proper awareness and usage of Mx. Sun, this is how we will maintain a bright, beaming, and beautiful skin!



Danielle Chua is a proud Morena student, mental health advocate, writer, and speaker who desires to be a representation for the unseen, unheard, and unspoken. She believes that she can be an instrument for breaking the existing norms, standing up for her advocacies, and making the world a safer place to live.


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